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Turkana Safari - Mossel Bay War Memorial

The Turkana challenge was designed to get the bikes out of the garages and get the guys riding, and its certainly doing that! Our time was rather restricted on this particular Sunday, but a quick ride was possible and some of the George riders decided to head to Mossel Bay to tick off one of the Monuments in the challenge.

Meeting up in George before heading out.

(Sorry for the picture quality – photo taken by a bystander.)

The trip to Mossel Bay is a quick 55km hop and the Memorial is situated at Mossel bay point, a popular tourist spot.

Getting a pic with the bikes in the shot.

And a proper shot of the actual Memorial.

The idea for the Mossel Bay War Memorial was spearheaded by the Moth’s Shellhole Veteran Organisation to commemorate all those from Mossel Bay who laid down their lives defending their Country in the 1st and 2nd World War, the Korean War and all the soldiers who guarded our borders. The names of these soldiers have been set over a map of Africa, upon which a line has been drawn in crimson mosaic, marking the places of birth and death of those whom the memorial commemorates.

It was designed by W.J. Delbridge who was an old Mossel Bay boy who kindly volunteered his services. All funds for the monument were raised by the Mossel Bay community through Public Subscription and various functions.

The monument is built on Frog Rock, so called because of the shape of the rock. It was a favourite play area for the young boys of the Mossel Bay at the time. The unveiling took place on Sunday, 28th September 1924 by Major General Sir H.T. Lukin and was dedicated and consecrated by the Bishop of George. It has been described as "art-deco" in style. It is said to bear a resemblance to the Cenotaph in London. (Source)

A circular wall encloses the area once known as "Frog Rock". The wall is constructed of dressed sandstone and has a gated entrance on the seaward side of the hillock. Once you enter the contained circle, there are steps leading up to the memorial itself. There are inscriptions of the names of fallen soldiers who died in battle during the 1914 - 1918 war. More names were added after the conclusion of the second world war, then another batch, where local lads made the ultimate sacrifice during the Korean war, and more recently, in the 80's, defending our borders. (Source)

And, as a bonus... my friend Wessel's take on this ride!


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