Monday, April 2, 2012

Vaandrigsdrif - The Naval officer, the river crossing and “Die Kliphuisie”.

A story 12 years in the making, or is it 32 years...

As you know, I travel between Cape Town and George (400km+) four times a week. On this road, more or less half way just West of Swellendam, there is a sign called "Vaandrigsdrif".

I used to wonder about this sign when I was in the Air Force based nearby in the early 90's already. The term "Vaandrig" was used as a rank in the SA Navy back then and I always wondered how a Navy rank ended up on a road sign hundreds of kilometeres from the ocean.

I never researched it, but driving past this sign several times a week it piqued my interest again. And not so much the sign, but where it leads...

In any adventure traveler's heart lies the same age-old question: "I wonder what lies beyond that hill?"

I decided that one day, when I have enough time, I will go and have a look!

More weeks passed; a chance to explore this road never presenting itself. I did stop one beautiful day to take the above two pictures. That was the 1st of March 2012.

Fast forward one month...

Today things just fell into place. I got away early, had little traffic and changed cars in Cape Town earlier than usual. The car I was supposed to get was unavailable and I got this Ford Ranger Wildtrak instead. The perfect vehicle!

At last. I had time and the right wheels to do it with. Today would be the day.

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