Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saturday quicky - George & Surrounds


So we had GREAT weather all week, but weather advisories of extremely cold and wet weather for the weekend. Bummer!

But then Saturday morning dawned with clear skies! We knew the cold front was coming, but we decided to head out for a quick ride anyway. Some pics of our ride:

Hitting the gravel along the Outeniqua mountains in a Westerly direction - high up the Groot Brak river:

Some wildlife along the way:

Just check out this magnificent animal:

Wave rider:

We stopped at this spot to stretch our legs and inexplicably we an octopus in the river!?

How did this end up here? This spot is 10km from the ocean in a straight line and probably close to double that distance along the river.

At first we thought maybe some Germans killed Paul the Octopus and dumped the body here after their team lost on the Soccer World Cup.

By the time we got to Diesel & Dust it was noon already, a cold wind was pumping and the cold front was moving in, so of course we decided to head South before we head back.



Here's Cassie:

Klein Brak river:

By now the rain was imminent so we started heading back, only to inexplicably end up here:

Nothing fancy, just a laid back beach pub that's become a favourite of the George Wild Dogs recently.

The view from here over the ocean:
(Photo taken on a previous ride)

Just a quick couple of hours on a Saturday morning, one certainly can't let a weekend go by without riding some gravel.


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