Monday, August 4, 2008

YF Report - Day 2


Early morning:

This road wasn’t fun in the dark the previous night, but man o man now it was great:

Are we having fun yet? For sure!

Danie’s house where we had some breakfast:

Topbox checking directions:

Just outside Carnarvon:

The famous blikkies bar in Canarvon:

We were in the mood for a bite to eat in Loxton, so we bought a plate of food and supported the local entrepreneurs:

Look ma, beetroot and potato salad without a knife and fork:

Why fly while you could ride?

Water break:

Local transport:

High speed dirt:

Surf taking a break:

If you look closely you could see Monday come:

Mr Trail himself:


Biesie doing his world tourer pose:


Me with some shitty pose that evening:

Eisbein, Surf and Piksteel:

Everyone having some good farm food:

Ektoknbike jinxing himself:


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