Saturday, February 9, 2008


This weekend LGF, Geikie, SCP, Sir Gravellot and I decided headed for the mountains once again. Time to feed the souls. Of course no 2 strokes are allowed, so Geikie was on Mrs. TR’s NXR125 - the CR250 shall ride another day.

There are so many roads to be explored, but first we head up the mountain to the highest point.

Flood damage is still evident here – our first obstacle:

It was overcast but the view is still breathtaking. Check the land in the background – that’s how high we are. We had some “interesting” steep uphills to get up here. The water really damaged the roads.

From here we descended into the forest.

Of course, as steep as the uphills were, as steep are the downhills on the other side…

This is the road down. The camera was held at an angle so the gradient is not apparent, but suffice it to say that it’s is steeper than your average flight of stairs. As for the condition, well, judge for yourself.

It’s a looooong downhill and you don’t stop (willingly) before you’re at the bottom. There were some “incidents” Wink but no pics. Undecided

The downhill ends with a fallen tree to be negotiated.

Down in the forest it’s really beautiful.

Here the flood water forced another stop.

The road continues beyond that:

Not to worry – there are so many other roads to be explored. But not before we take a swim.

Back out over the tree…

…and down this road.

Breathtaking. Awesome.

The scenery changes and contrasts and there are so many roads to explore.

On the Southern hangs of the mountain it is lush and wet with ferns and the like:

And then barely 50 meters on when you ride around onto the Northern hang the plant life changes totally into fynbos:

Just to change back again around the next bend:

We took the smaller roads to do some real trailriding.

What a privilege to look at the road ahead and see this:

The pics can tell the story

Next obstacle:

And barely 20 meters on the next:

Small bikes – because in the end size really does matter Wink Grin

We spent hours riding in the forest. It was both spiritual and sad. Sad because two of the five riders are about to emigrate. Spiritual for obvious reasons. The forest sounds are amazing. Sometimes we’d kill the engines and just ride down experiencing the surroundings. The sounds, the smells, the fresh air. Rides like these are more about where you are than how you got there. LGF and I were even lucky enough to spot two Knysna Loeries.

But of course, in the end, you have to come home

Thanks guys for sharing the ride with me. This one will stay in my mind for some time to come.

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Anonymous said...

Aai, die natuur is darrem maar mooi. Jy is BAIE bevoorreg om dit te kan ervaar.

AS you say, size does matter, those bikes are just right.


Mitchell said...

That forest looks stunning and yes those smaller bikes looked perfectly suited to the trails.