Friday, July 11, 2008

11 July 2008

Just an update before going North

I got the Angolan visa this afternoon. A long wait but worth it. Had a few days in Botswana on the Okavango panhandle at Sepupa, no big animals but the start of the swamp.

In Botswana they don't like giving change out they just carry on knitting. First time i've had to wait for the cows and donkeys to move before I could get gas. I hit rush hour after the border with the livestock, one cheeky donkey crossing the road looked at me and stopped I'm sure he was smiling.

One of the kids after food was an optimist he even brought his plate out with him. A reserve on the way had lions etc. I saw a couple of elephants and kudu in the distance. A lot of locals ask about the trip and say with mouth open "on that" then shake their heads and say "good luck".

Into Angola next from Kikititwe up to Menongue then Lubango.

See ya





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Anonymous said...

Hi Ron
We met you in Rundu Sitiwa campsite, The day you left for Angola the last cup of coffee in Namibia,GOOD LUCK, drop us a line.