Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Breede Bash 2008

Like a flash the 2nd annual Breede Bash was upon us. The 2007 Breede Bash was a huge success and this year more than double the amount of bikers and bikes were expected. This would be the 1st bash my wife would attend (She was excited, but I was a little nervous about whether she would like it or not).

We left a day early to visit the organizers of the Breede Bash and get into the spirit of things early. Last year I was the last to arrive so this year we planned to be the first Big Grin

We left on a beautiful sunny day. Most of the way was tar Undecided be we enjoyed the ride non the less.

The last couple of km's to the farm are gravel at least. A1

We arrived safely and were treated to a great evening by our host - Ektoknbike.

We started early on the day of the Bash to get everything ready. Ektoknbike's son got a CRF80 recently and wanted to ride his own bike to the bash, about 5km from their house, so we decided to escort him there. He had big smiles riding down the farm road and averaged about 50 km/h. Cool

And so we were the first bikes to arrive as planned. The spot soon started to fill up though!

The camping spot started filling up quite quickly too.

It's great to see old friends and meet new faces. It was a special treat to finally meet EttienneNXR. He arrived on his kitted NXR125 and set up camp. He wasted no time inspecting the various bikes and got treated to quite a few "test rides" Evil Here he tries out Steve0's WRF450 Cool

This year the Breede Bash had an even better setting. The organizers outdid themselves A1

And the party commenced Roll Eyes

And what is a bash with a hooligan on a KTM?

The party carried on until the wee hours...

The next morning some battled to get up, others were surprisingly neat and some still very chirpy! Wink Evil

BigEd with his little cup Smile

Today too was a nice day for riding and I decided to join LGF on the long way round back home, while my wife (who really enjoyed the bash) would catch a ride with her sister in the cage back to George (more like a breakfast/shopping run Roll Eyes).

LGF and I headed North towards the Klein Karoo through Cogmanskloof Pass:

And after a nice brunch in Montaque we hit the Dirt roads East. Great scenery.

It's spring and we are starting to see more of these fellows.

This guy was having a nap in the sun and was quite lethargic.

We crossed the Gouritz river...

...and decided to ride through Attakwas Kloof (old Ox Wagon route) back to George. This is a truly amazing route! (although the marbles caused that I had my hands full with the heavy bike at stages)

When you cross over the mountain into the Southern Cape the scenery and smells immediately changes. I love riding routes that contrasts and changes regularly.

And all to soon it was over Undecided

Thanks LGF for a great ride back and a special thanks to Gatsaam for organizing a GREAT bash! You will definately see me at the next one A1

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