Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Blair Witch Project - Spot Found!


And so the search continued for the "perfect spot". Yesterday my son and I decided to explore some more and my dad decided to follow with the Land Cruiser.

To explain a bit more - the farm is high up against the Outeniqua mountains. All the farms around here still have indigenous forests as not all areas are suitable for farming activity. These farms are also adjacent to the forestry area. Access to the forestry area is restricted. Once in a while we get permits to do an outride, once in a while. The forestry area has well maintained roads, but to be honest I much prefer the indigenous forests to the plantations anyway. Over years I have developed a good relationship with the people around so I have the privilege to be able to ride in these areas. We take extra care to have as little an impact on the environment as possible.

These indigenous forests don't have roads as such, only some jeep tracks and trails. People don't go there often. I guess people get blasé about their surroundings. Lucky I didn't Big Grin (I was born here).

I am looking for a magical spot next to a river to take the kids on a bike trip. They will have to pack their own bikes, bring their own tents and cooldrink, ride a beautiful route, camp in the wild, braai their own food and experience nature. Can there be a better way for kids to spend a weekend? All boys should grow up like this.

(Pic from a previous ride)

Finding the elusive "perfect spot" is an experience in itself Grin Enough talk - some pics of our ride yesterday:

Huge tracts of land to explore:

A nice little waterfall and pool, but no space to camp. Undecided

Come along dad! Enough with the photos already!

The road here as a lot of flood damage. No-one has been here in a long long while.

But a mere 50m along we found it!

The perfect spot Cool

Now the planning can start Big Grin The kids will love it!

Some great views on the ride back:

An irrigation dam on the farm (irrigation done under gravity).

A view of the farm from the dam wall.

Another day well spent.

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