Sunday, August 1, 2010

The HP2 Jamboree


I was lucky enough be invited to the first BMW HP2 Jamboree held in South Africa. It was an owners' inspired and organized event and a great success promising more such events in future.

Before I jump in boots and all with all the party pictures some background: This report will be divided into 3 sections covering (1) the Setting, (2) the HP2 motorcycle and finally (3) the Jamboree as each of these are special enough to warrant a post on it's own.

The Jamboree was held at "Angie's G-spot", a popular venue for bikers in De Vlugt, a very small village on Prince Alfreds Pass. It was attended by HP2 owners from as far afield as Bloemfontein and even Gauteng. It was a roaring success.

The setting was fitting for a bike of this nature, with only gravel access over one of the most scenic and impressive passes in South Africa. The pass was an engineering feat at the time and it was fitting to have the first HP2 gathering right there.

So without further ado:

The Setting


The Jamboree


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