Sunday, May 22, 2011

Knysna Hillclimb


The next morning I had to be at the Knysna Hillclimb, an annual speed festival. "Pure adrenalin and fun filled action for the whole family". We'll see.

The event is sponsored by Renault and this is also the South African launch of the new Renault Clio Gordini.

This brings me to the second car I had to drive down from Cape Town this week - The Renault Megane RS:

This car was voted the best Hot Hatch for 2011 by both CAR and TopCAR magazines and boy, it's FAST!!!

I had to do a quick driving impressions article on the RS with the drive from Cape Town to Knysna and what a treat this car is! But I'd rather not say just how fast it goes on an open forum like this.

Back to the races.

Once these babies fired up it was clear that "Pure adrenalin and fun filled action for the whole family" was an understatement! Kermit loves the Mustangs!

I am more of a Ferrari man.

The fastest Mercedes of this model in South Africa:

Our spot next to the track:

That chopper probably got some GREAT footage.

The cars:

Some classics:

Some older models:

Some newer models:

Some powerfull cars:

Some lesser seen cars:

Some sports cars:

We even had an airshow:

And things didn't always go to plan.



And this is even worse!

(Photo from the internet - obviously)

This just brings tears to your eyes.

In the end the day was won by the Nissan GTR's. And that Megane RS I drove - it made it up that hill only one second slower than the BMW M5!

We got home that Sunday afternoon tired and I still had to write all the articles to be submitted to the paper on the Monday morning. It's a busy life!

So that is why I fell behind with my blogging. I am working all the time!

Now please excuse me, I have to go ride a VFR...


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