Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Legend on Tour


Harley-Davidson has an interesting marketing strategy, bringing their brand to the public who might not otherwise have the opportunity to ride a Harley. It's called Legend on Tour:

They rigged out a truck with entertainment, accessories and the newest model Harleys and this truck drives from festival to festival putting these bikes on display and giving free demo rides. Imagine having a job like that!

When entering the Legend on Tour truck, visitors can enjoy a Harley-Davidson audiovisual through state-of-the-art sound systems and screens:

The Legend on Tour truck has a number of experiences that will have both fanatics and newcomers loving and embracing the Harley-Davidson brand, including a Fit Shop where the fit and form of a Fat Boy motorcycle can be changed by fitting a range of different handle bars and seats according to your own personal preference.

And of course there's always people at hand to help you get your Harley experience. Milady doing the honours here:

Never ridden a bike? No problem! You can still have the Harley experience with 'n bike rigged to a static unit (in this case a 883).

The bike is on rollers and you can still feel the bike, run up through the gears etc.

Time for an outride - it was my wife and I, my brother in law and his girlfriend and my mate Horsepower.

We took out 'n nice selection of bikes - the new "bobber"-styled Blackline, the Fat Bob and a "couch". I started on the Fat Bob:

This is a nice ride, although not as smooth as the softtail Fat boy. The bike also feels a bit smaller than the Fat Boy but this bike had a Screaming Eagle performance exhaust and the sound was just awesome!

Next up the new Blackline:

This bike looks very cool - all blacked out and naked. Not even a tail light (the red lights are cleverly integrated in the indicators).

Looks even better with a girl on top!

It rode very different though with the big spoked 21" front wheel and narrow handlebars and it is not as comfortable as you might have hoped. They say you don't choose a Harley, are Harley chooses you. This one definitely didn't choose me. Love the look though.

Brother-in-law enjoying the Fat Bob:

He's always been into MX and Supabikes and never even gave a Harley a thought, but this particular bike stole his heart. He never knew a Harley would ride like this! I guess that's what the Lengend on Tour truck and demo bikes are for - converting new Harley fans.

We cruised back on the couch. My wife has never liked the look of the couch much, but she's never been on one before. After this ride she's sold! She never thought it would have this level of pillion comfort. That's why they call it a couch baby!

A lovely outride in a lovely setting. Next stop - Sutherland...


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