Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oude Muragie


During the KKNK 2007 (a South African culture festival) we camped at the Cango Mountain Resort in the Klein Karoo. This area has a wealth of routes for a Dual Sport biker and my wife and I took the time to ride some of them.

During our time in Oudtshoorn we had a little Wild Dog Forum get-together where we met Captain Slow as well as Eisbein & Vicky. It wasn’t long before we hatched a plan to take a ride the next morning along the Oude Muragie road and visit the “Rus & Vrede” waterfall.

And so, the next morning, the plan was set in motion.

It wasn’t long before we were at the waterfall.

It’s a short walk through the kloof to get to the waterfall, but its well worth it.

The nature scenery is spectacular right up to the waterfall.

You walk along pathways and over narrow walkways along the Kloof until it opens up at the amazing waterfall. It’s not so big, but by the time you see it you’re very close to it so the height of the fall is spectacular.

This is Outdshoorn’s source of drinking water. It’s crispy cold, clean and delicious. Captian Slow sampled some – or was he doing a Golem impression?

Back at the bikes we took some more photos. Mine are photos of bikes:

Mrs. Eisbein's are works of art:

Well, the rest of the Oude Muragie road awaited and we set out to have breakfast in De Rust.

This road is just a pleasure to ride. The scenery changes and varies and when you ride the road in the opposite direction it feels like you’re on a different route.

In De Rust four hungry riders enjoyed breakfast...

…an each other’s company.

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Not only was the day filled with spectacular scenery, but we forged new friendships that will last a lifetime. What could be better than that?


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