Friday, July 25, 2008

25 July 2008

Bom dia from Luanda, it was a tough road from Katuitui up to Menongue and over to Matala. Lots of landmine craters and lots of sand, deep dust you can't see whats underneath, rutted out by the trucks in the wet season. But the good 'ol CTX got me through. One track I was going to take but no fresh tracks on it so avoided it in case it had a mine on it. Got to Namibe and started getting a fever. No road signs but locals are great with help and a safe country for security for your gear. Lots of moto taxis here. All i can say about the war is what a waste of good people on both sides and it makes a hell of a mess. The country is being rebuilt but its going to take a long time in the cities. I met some guys going to Huambo for the first street bike race since the war. Thanks Judo for your help in Huambo.

I got a high fever there and got dizzy so took my malaria treatment the fever died down the next night, felt like crap for a few days and checked into a hotel to recover, Judo said it was malaria. Got to Luanda yesterday with my last us dollars cash i had to use them earlier in Huambo. Today getting better just a bad cough now and got some money from an ATM and also changed a traveller's cheque so OK for US cash again. Just rest here properly then try and find the Congo embassy.


Update - 26 July 2008

Just a quick one not feeling that great now so ill go back to Namibia, Windhoek, see a doctor and sort out my health be there in a week, then think about whats next.


Update - 30 July 2008

Just back into Namibia now and getting to a doctor tomorrow. Then to Windhoek and South Africa. I can't see myself going back to a malaria area again.

See ya

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