Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family Fun


We had another bush ride this weekend. Great weather and scenery - how can a weekend be better spent? It was a family affair with the boys on the CRF's, my wife and I on the TransAlp and my sister-in-law on the CTX200. On the first day my dad also followed with the Land Cruiser with my wife alternating between the Land Cruiser and the pillion seat. Smile

Before we headed for the bush we just had to have some fun in the new dam though.Smile


CTX200: If at first you don’t succeed… Shocked Roll Eyes innocent Smile

TransAlp 700:

Land Cruiser:

CTX – take 2:

And then we headed for the mountains. The pictures will tell the story.

The going got tough and the sun was setting. Time to turn around.

Dusk is a magical time in the forest.


This ride was just to short and we had unfinished business on that road. So on Sunday we returned for and extended ride.

We took a different route to the mountains this time round. It was a beautiful day. You could see all the way to the ocean!

There are a myriad of routes here. To this day I have not been on every one. We rode and explored. We even had to move trees out of the road (yes, the TransAlp is not a trailbike. You don't just pick this baby up and carry it over a tree - you rather move the tree. Shocked)




The big bikes certainly have their challenges in the bush. The sand and moss is much more noticeable (and slippery! Shocked) and the ground clearance is less (especially the "catt"). Luckily I still have my trail bike, so each bike has it's purpose and will be used accordingly.



Unfortunately all rides come to an end and we had to return to the farm.


What a way to spend the day!

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