Friday, September 11, 2009

Trailblazer and the Merry Dogs of the Southern Cape


At last! A trip long in the making was finally here. I even even fitted some new tyres on my baby for this trip. Ain't she a beaut!

Before we start some background:

The idea for this ride started way back in January 2008 on the Wild Dog Forum. Back then I only had the 200 and as it happens Trailblazer bought a 200 as well, so all of a sudden Trailrider & TrailBlazer were both riding red 200's and a nice trip together seemed a foregone conclusion. Trailblazer's living in Gauteng presented a challenge though and before we could go on our ride his bike was stolen (no insurance)

But sometimes it seems some rides are just meant to be. Months later Trailblazer managed to buy another bike - a TransAlp. As luck would have it Trailrider & TrailBlazer were now both riding TransAlps and the trip was back on

All of this brought us to Friday morning the 11th of September 08H45: Ready to Ride!

(Click map and zoom to enlarge)


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