Sunday, November 29, 2009

2009 Toy Run


This is a Ride Report with a difference (for me anyway). I joined the annual Toy Run in the Garden Route, a charitable event for unprivileged children. Not much you can report on on an all tar ride, but I did see some interesting machines and the ride from George to Plett along the Garden route is not too shabby either.

From the Toy Run website:

"This goodwill “ride” has grown into an incredible motorcycling phenomenon that has to be seen and experienced to be believed. The event has become known, far beyond the motorcycling world, as one of Southern Africa's most significant charity initiatives. It's an awesome motorcycle procession and the biggest biker gathering of the year, but primarily, it is the day when the country's loudest group opens their hearts to its most unheard."

The Toy Run is the largest Motorcycle charity event in the world with over 50 000 motorcycles participating in South Africa. It is the largest combined service club event in Africa.

It's early Saturday morning and the bikes start to gather at the rendezvous point near George:

Some Dual Sport bikes around. I would notice the GS on the left again later carrying more than just toys!

Some Wild Dogs on the ride too. Lemac:

Lots of Beemers on the ride too and only about 3 KTMs.

I tested my new Helmet Cam on this ride. The Ride through Kaaimans Pass:

Some in-ride shots. All photos in this report were taken by Asterix. We rode East (into the sun) which was not good for photography, but he did well none the less.

Just Cruisin'

This is the GS I referred to earlier. Look closely - a Jack Russel is riding with!

Kawasaki Ninja: "Supabikes" are not the most comfortable bikes for a pillion.

This is more like it! Check out this beauty. The pillion is also much more comfortable than the pillion in the picture above.

Another cool bike - the new Yamaha Tenere!

The Legend: Honda Africa Twin:

Cruising past the Buffalo Bay turn-off.

What a beaut!

Closer to Knysna. Check the Can Am approaching in the background.

The Can Am powered my a 990 Rotax:

500cc scooter:


Some of the weird and wonderful in the parking lot:

Not quite a Can Am

Another Honda legend:

The mass ride through Plett:

At the gathering the toys were collected and thirst could be quenched. Spoke to quite a few Wild Dogs. Wave Rider, Lemac, LGF, GrysAlp, Saaykie - nice seeing you guys

LGF, Wave Rider and I decided to hit some dirt on the way back home. More pics courtesy of Asterix:

Wave Rider:

Asterix wanting to exchange the pillion seat and do some riding of his own

LGF took us on a nice loop through the Knysna forest. This is so much better than the tar N2!

Unfortunately our camera's batteries died and we have no more pictures after this. Wave Rider, Asterix and I had Pizza and a cold one in Wilderness before heading home. Thanks Guys. Another good one



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