Sunday, January 24, 2010

SCDSB - Lunch at Angie's


The Southern Cape Dual Sport Bikers had their 2nd run this Sunday, following the 7 passes to Knysna and crossing the magnificent Prins Alfreds Pass to De Vlugt for lunch. Just a short report with pictures.

First stop - The old Kaaimans Pass:

Another stop at Hoogekraal Pass if I remember correctly:

Approaching Knysna via Phantom Pass:

Then we hit the Knysna Forrest roads:

Coming over the top of the mountain.

Descending to De Vlugt - in ride perspective:

In De Vlugt we were welcomed by Harold & Angie where we had a nice lunch and lots of laughs!

There were several other bikes there and all the while we were there bikes arrived and left, including a young couple on a new Tenere who stopped and promtly fell over. Why do these things always happen when you have 20 people watching? Was a nice bike though.

Some others:

The we hit the gravel again via the De Vlugt road to the Langkloof and the Kammanassie road back.

It was nice having a pillion with. We will have a "pillion run" in the near future.

Kammanassie Road:

Lots of these around the Southern Cape these days

Approaching the Outeniqua mountains:

Looking back towards Herold:

And finally the ride down:

Thanks guys! It was a really nice day

The February trip will be a sleepover trip in the Klein Karoo.


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