Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cape Adventure Bike Challenge


I arrived at Rooiberg Lodge, registered and proceeded to pitch my tent. Although all the bikes were still out on their respective outrides it was clear that there were many bikes here.

I decided to pitch my tent off to the one side to minimize the impact my "nightly sounds" might have on the other attendees Cheesy and as luck would have it I pitched my tent right next to my friend Ball & Chain's tent.

Some more pics from around this great venue:

It was my first time here and I really was impressed. This venue was top class. Great facilities, top class restaurant, clean ablutions, we wanted for nothing.

Slowly the bikes started to return. There were bikes of all kinds and sizes, a truly "multicultural" event.

The KLR clan:

There were even two off-road Harleys present! If I had a Harley it would definitely look like this!

(Photo by Briv)

The CABC had outrides in the mornings and skills challenges in the afternoon. And everybody was catered for. They had well scouted green, orange and red routes, complete with leaders, sweepers, back-up and medics. Whole families were welcome and the wives / girlfriends could even be treated to a massage / facial while the bikes were out. Several children attended also.

As this was not a branded event all brands were welcome and it worked well. People attended as "Dual Sport riders" and not as "this or that brand" riders. Everybody mingled and had a great time. I have been to other big events and you always find that people complain afterward about something that went wrong - sub standard ablution facilities, to little or cold food, whatever. I heard none of that here. Personally I can not think of a single thing that went "wrong".

142 bikes and a total of 182 people attended this event.

To pull off a multi brand biker weekend, which is family friendly, catering for all skill levels and accommodation preferences, at a fraction of the cost of other big events and do so without a hitch, well, I don't know how they did it. But hats off to you. It was the best event I have attended ever.

In the evenings they had huge fires in the boma and if you were so inclined you could watch the rugby on a big screen. A great time was had by all.

By the time I got back in my tent (late at night ) this was my view:

Getting back to the bikes and rides - the skills challenge was something to behold!

44 riders entered initially. The Top 20 would advance to the finals the next day.

My friend Nismark on his XT660:

Fenderbender on his HP2:

I have to be careful here as I can literally post 100 photos. Today's stage concentrated on balance, slow skill and throttle control with tight turns, riding under hoops without touching and picking up a stone from a drum (while riding) and placing it on another drum.

(Photo by Wolfmother)

(Photo by Wolfmother)

(Photo by Wolfmother)

The second day really tested the riders. You know you're in for a dirty ride if a large part of the course is in a dam!

Nismark on the XT660 in action again:

Several of the big BMW's made it into the final, excelling in the slow speed & balance sections.

And of course the HP2's. I am looking at these bikes in a different light since the HP2 Jamboree. Marchant Maasdorp from George in action here:

(Photo by Wolfmother)

The mud pit at the end of the course was a big crowd puller. Nismark on his XT600 finding no problem in crossing it:

The big BMW's weight working against it in this case:

Or maybe it was just muddy!

(Photo by Wolfmother)

(Photo by Wolfmother)

Fenderbender on his HP2:

Marchant showing why he's a BMW instructor:

Prize giving on the last night:

Skills Challenge Results:

Daniel Nelson on a BMW R1200GS and Marchant Maasdorp on his BMW HP2 - Joint 3rd

Michiel Kotze on his KLR650 - 2nd

Andre du Toit on a Honda XR400 - 1st!

Once again the party and laughter lasted well into the night. In fact, some guys were still around the fire the next morning!

I will most definitely attend this event again next year. Only 140 bikes can enter and they are not going to make it bigger. Be sure to get in early if you want to attend next year! I'll be on bike 090 - again!

Results Table

More pictures and comments about the event here.


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