Sunday, October 3, 2010

Memorial Ride


On Sunday 26 September a motorcycle and a car were involved in an accident on the R62 2km outside of Oudtshoorn. Apparently the car lost control and hit the motorcycle. The rider of the BMW1200GS, Mr. Anton Meyer, was killed and his wife seriously injured. She was flown to the George Medi Clinic with severe injuries.

(Photo from this website)

The accident came to the attention of the Wild Dogs who realized that the couple (originally from Standerton) had no friends or family in the region. The Southern Cape Wild Dogs got organized to support Mrs. Meyer in any way possible. She was visited in hospital and flowers and chocolates were delivered as soon as she was moved out of ICU.

This morning, exactly one week after the accident, some of the Southern Cape Dual Sport bikers gathered for the Anton Meyer memorial ride.

The ride invitation said it would be pillion friendly ride and several spouses joined in today.

We had a nice ride to Oudshoorn via Montagu Pass & Paarde Poort:

Dual and Baasmiesies from Hermanus also joined us on this ride.

Dual and Smidty approaching in Paarde Poort:

The scene of the accident. Lots of glass and pieces still around.

10 bikes on this ride.

GrysAlp had a cross made which we placed at the site:

A minute of silence:

Accidents happen quite fast. This is a hazard we all face on every ride. It is a sobering reminder to take all precautions and be sure to ride as safely as possible.

After this gathering the group dispersed. A group of us rode together to George and had lunch at the famous pizza place in Waboomskraal.

Mr. Anton Meyer leaves his wife and two children, Arno (10) and Anebie (6). They are in our prayers.

Thanks to all who attended.



Anonymous said...

To all the Riders who attended the Memorial Ride and to all who supported Yvette Meyer in hospital:

Words fail to express our gratitude for all you have done for her. Your support and concern for somebody you don't even know is commendable and we can only pray that our Heavenly Father would bless you.

For the Memorial Ride and the cross planted for Anton - we sincerely thank you.

As a family member, residing in New Zealand and working through our own pain in this situation, being far away from our loved ones, what you have done has greatly comforted us.

With thanks,

Rico Meyer said...

Good day all

How could we ever express our feelings and our thanks to everybody involved. Our family is a very close knit one and the death of Anton at this young age shocked us all,Anton was a very loving person who did everything he could to help everybody.

May God bless all of you for the love and support!

Rico Meyer