Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Beauty of Kouga


Just 12km from Joubertina (coming from the Kareedouw side) we turn North onto gravel once more. I have wanted to ride this loop for well over a year since I've read a Ride Report written about it. The problem is that this loop is not a destination in itself and it's not really on the route to anywhere else either, so I just never got around to riding it.

But today would be the day!

A short way into this ride it was already clear that this was not merely a gravel route, but that we were in for a very scenic ride indeed.

This road runs through little "necks", up mountains and down passes to the rivers just to rise on the opposite side again. Just look at this! One of my favourite pics of the weekend:

(Photo by LGF)

Rising up the other side of this pass:

Just over this section of the mountain and we ride down another pass to water level again. Sections of this road reminded me of Prince Alfred's Pass...

...and other sections reminded me of Baviaanskloof.

Shade stop for a roadside lunch:

Further West on this route we started seeing some farming activity.

We also noticed this - Kouga Wildernis - it might be worth it to investigate a possible sleepover here sometime in the future. The area certainly warrants it!

And just as we thought the scenery would fizzle out and we'd be riding between farms we were treated to yet another pass!

This loop is only 56km long but it took us quite a while to ride it. Being in a small group of similar riders we weren't rushed and we could take our time drinking in the scenery. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the weekend. A real cherry on top of what was already a great ride.

After a bite in Joubertina we headed home. Thanks to all who joined in this weekend, this definitely was another ride to remember.


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