Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Escape


The next morning a head count revealed that all were still present and alive!

Early morning around camp:

(Photo by Drazil)

GrypH enjoying some of yesterday's pizza for breakfast.

At a leisurely pace people started to get ready for the day's ride.

Water crossings - I love 'em!

(Photo by LGF)

We do not head straight out of Moordenaars kloof, we have to find Jan Prinsloo's house first, But all that's left at the site is overgrown foundations.

While here I realized that I forgot something at the house where we stayed at that I had to go and fetch. This meant that I fell totally behind the group and was riding on my own. I knew where they would be having breakfast so it was no problem - I actually enjoyed taking my time here, stopping, taking photos etc.

The pass out of Moordenaars Kloof - see the road high up in the distance:

Looking back down:

Beautiful area this. I will be coming back.

While leisurely riding along I came upon some of the group - GrypH had a puncture.

While here we also learned that we could not have breakfast in Kareedouw as all the places were closed so after GrypH's wheel was fixed everybody said their goodbyes and different groups headed in their respective directions.

The track out of Moordenaars Kloof:

LGF, ChrisL, Rooipoot and I decided that this ride was far from over and we headed to a gravel loop near Joubertina that we missed out on the previous day. And what a GREAT decision that turned out to be!


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