Monday, August 4, 2008

Seweweeks Poort to George


We woke to a great day. How come the best weather had to wait till the last day? Each would go in his own direction, but not before we rode Seweweeks Poort.

I was looking forward to this from day 1. I have never been to Seweweeks Poort before.

Grand, majestic, awesome? How do you describe this road? Photographs can never show the reality of what you experience here.

I will come back to Seweweeks Poort soon.

When we T’d into the R62 Yellowfever and I would head East to George and the rest West towards Cape Town, but not before we had a last chat and a group photo.

Guys, thanks for this trip. It was really awesome!

Yellowfever and I headed toward Oudtshoorn via the back roads for lunch...

and continued on the Kammanassie Road, Paarde Poort and over Montagu Pass to George.

What a ride! My total distance traveled was 1664.3 km with an average fuel consumption of 16,7 km/L.

It was a big group with diverse bikes, but we got along famously. There were funnies and games, teasing and banter, all in good spirit. The times in the really technical conditions when I felt a little unsure there were guys around me who never rushed me and it was a comfort to have them there. That's friendship - I really appreciate it.

Till the next one Wink


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