Monday, August 4, 2008

Unlimited Horizons - Karoo


I was fortunate enough to join some Cape WD’s on an Epic journey through the Great Karoo. And what a ride it was!

The route ran through various passes and towns I’ve never been to with long distance days perfect for the bigger bike I got recently. Our fearless leader promised us good roads with lots of scenery and 5 star accommodation - he organized two Wool sheds on Karoo farms where we could lay our heads during the cold winter nights.

The trip would run over 4 days and 3 nights, with the last night spent in Seweweeks Poort in a real bed.

The route was as follows:

(Click on Map for larger image)

We would meet up at the Wimpy in Ceres on Friday Morning at 8, grab breakfast and leave at 9 sharp. Depending on the time and weather conditions we would take the route over Katbakkies Pass or the shorter route. We all wanted to take the Katbakkies route, but we would decide on the day since that route would mean between 500 - 600km for the first day.

I left George on Thursday already to sleep over on Ektoknbike’s farm. Ektoknbike, Piksteel, Yellowfever (who would join us from CT) and I would leave together for Ceres on Friday morning. The weather forecast for the coming days weren’t good, but not too bad either:

I couldn’t wait… Wink

So with the bike packed and the family greeted I was off. Rain was approaching from the west so I hit the boring N2 to get to the farm. I was pushing and rode into a helluva head wind. This did my consumption no favours – 14km/L

But I had to stop in the Overberg to get a pic of the first Canola!

Ektoknbike’s farm is near Robertson. Apparently they get very little rain, but it’s rained every single time I’ve been there. Just as I hit the first dirt I hit the first rain as well. Luckily I didn’t get too wet and luckily my destination was a wine farm Yellowfever arrived (soaked) later the afternoon and festivities commenced. That evening we were treated to a “blind” wine tasting with the local wine farmers and a delicious Waterblommetjie Potjie. All I can say is wow! Thanks for the invite.

On the first day 500km+ waited so I decided to turn in early. Ektoknbike and Yellowfever had other plans… Rumour has it that they spent very little time sleeping that night…

And so the ride begins.

Trailrider's Report:

Yellowfever's Report:

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