Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 3


Sunday morning we woke to typical EC bash temperatures:

Luckily the mist lifted eventually and with the bikes packed we were on our way!

Being daytime this time round I could photograph this beautiful road on the way out:

The scary uphill / downhill everybody complained about:

(Photo by GrysAlp)

Dirtcopper approaching:

Descending down to the Kouga river:

(Photo by Horsepower)

Quick drinks break:

(Photo by GrysAlp)

And lunch at "Die Arkie" in Joubertina:

(Photo by GrysAlp)

It was a leisurely ride back to George with me being the only one seemingly in a hurry - unlike me they didn't have three articles to write still before the next morning! I also didn't want the ride to be over though.

Somewhere in the Langkloof:

And as a Cherry on Top we finish the ride with a ride down Montagu Pass:

I was a good weekend. I dearly needed this getaway. I don't know when I'll have time again for a proper ride so for the foreseeable future quick breakaways to gatherings like these might have to do. And what better than the EC Bash? It was good to let my hair down, rest and reacquaint old friends. Watty, once again you outdid yourself.


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