Friday, August 19, 2011

Every Girl's Dream

Every young girl has a dream... to steal the scene at her Matric Dance! A girl called DiDi had such a dream.

Tonight her dream came true.

It all started with an e-mail (two days before the fact) from Coded MCC, a mail that spread among the local biking community like wildfire:

Hi all

We have an Amazing Girl celebrating her Matric Dance on Friday 19 August. She has lost her foot due to Cancer, and has now been diagnosed with Cancer in her Lungs.

Her wish is to be escorted to her Matric Dance by a Group of Bikers. We are getting together at 17:30 at York – McDonald’s and will escort her to York High!

We asking all bikers who would like to make her smile, to join us to fulfill her dream!

Hope to see you all there

Love and Respect


True to the spirit of brotherhood among bikers the turnout was great.

Some of the Wild Dog's arriving:

When Didi arrived she was blown away by the turnout. Little did she know at this stage that the numbers would still double.

She looked absolutely stunning!

The Girl of the hour and the lucky man:

More and more and more bikes arrived and kept arriving and soon the mass ride was under way.

We took a round about route through George before heading down the main street.

Didi and her escort:

A quick regroup at the bottom of York street before heading to the Matric Dance:

Traffic around York High was quite congested... and then 100+ bikes arrived!

The girl of the moment:

She got out of the car to cheers and screams. Tears of joy flowed.

Their Special Moment:

Go well Didi. It was a privilege to be part of your special night.



Anonymous said...

Hi guys!! Didi here :)

I really didn't expect the news to travel so fast! The amount of bikes was phenomenal!!! I was expecting 15 or so but WOW!!! Over 100!! That's just amazing!

I don't know where to begin 2 thank everyone involved!! Each and every one of you made my night super special and totally unheard of in York High histoy! The rest of the grade and the school are buzzing with the excitement of the entrance. that's all a teenage girl wants right? ;) being the centre of attention for a while was awsome!!!

Once again thank you to everyone that came and made my matric farewell *AMAZING*

Lotsa love n stuff!
...Didi xoxo

TR said...

It was a pleasure DiDi! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Didi... it was an absolute honour to be part of your special night.
And for an ex-yorkie like myself it was Epic being able to Limit my Blackbird in school grounds and not getting detention!!! hahaha!
Lotsa Love an Respect!
Troy Nunns
Blacktop Surfers

Anonymous said...

It was worth every minute! Thanks for inviting us and bringing bikers together for yet another amazing event! Respect to you Didi, you looked like a princess on your special night!

Anonymous said...

Hi Didi.Yes what a honour, i was the bloke on the little blue Honda scooter, hope i made u laugh, if i did it was all worth it. Strongs with the exams!