Monday, April 7, 2014

Biking in Eden

We're on the bikes every chance we get. A short ride here, a quick hop there. Not enough to warrant a report of any kind, but we do have pictures that showcase our awesome everyday playground. This is indeed biking in Eden. Enjoy.

7 April 2014 - Introduction to Dirt.

My friend Bossie invested in a new bike: A Yamaha TDM850. 

He is used to road bikes but this was his first foray onto dirt. I eased him into it on the seven passes road - a mix of tar and dirt.

These were taken on the Touw River Pass:

We did five of the passes that day.

After the ride we had to stop at a local watering hole to calm his nerves.

12 April 2014 - Kaaimans Pass

On a beautiful Saturday morning my wife and I took a quick spin to Wilderness. In Kaaimans Pass we stopped to snap this cellphone pic:

The railway in the background used to carry the Outeniqua Choo Tjoe, the last remaining continually-operated passenger steam train in Africa. The railway that dates from 1928 was damaged beyond repair in 2006 due to heavy flooding. A huge loss to the area.

In 2008, the train and the Kaaiman's River Bridge were featured in a television advertisement for Stella Artois.

13 April 2014 - Map of Africa

A Quick late afternoon ride with Gravelmad to the Map of Africa.

Map of Africa in Wilderness look out point is situated near Hoekwil and the way the river runs make it look like Africa. It is a very popular paraglyding spot and has spectacular views.

Apologies for the quality of the Cellphone pics.

19 April 2014 - A Peek over Montagu Pass

A Saturday morning ride with no destination or route in particular. Ended up going over Montagu Pass for a quick ride through the Klein Karoo.

A lesser known gravel road near Herold, a small hamlet in the mountains.

Paarde Poort:

And home via Montagu Pass:

10 August 2014 - Another Introduction to Dirt.

Another convert to dirt - my friend Boats bought a KLE500 and this was his first trip on dirt.

On top of Montagu Pass:

Of course Gravelmad never misses out on a ride, he's put thousands of kilometers on that XR already.

Old faithful. Never misses a beat:

Riding on a new tyre combo of Metzeler Karoo in front and a Michelin T63 on the rear. Happy so far. We'll see what mileage I get.

Gravelmad's Gogglecam:

Near Herold:

Paarde Poort - always a favourite:

Klein Karoo gravel:

This little bloke got up to 60km/h!

Hitting the gravel near Oudtshoorn:

Church in Volmoed / Armoed:

Close to Klein Brak:

Successful first gravel ride done!

12 August 2014 - Stint to Sedgefield.

Late afternoon ride to Sedgefield. Just as the ride started I got stopped by a bloke from Graaf Reinet on a 800GSA. He recognized me from the Ride Reports en promptly joined our ride. Nice to meet you Dorsland!

Touw River:

Pitstop at Windpomp in Sedgefield:

Heading Home:

31 August 2014 - Geocaching at the Big Tree.

Sunday's are made for riding. This was 'n quick ride to the Big Tree near Hoekwil.

They weren't kidding!

Beautiful Old Giant!

7 September 2014 - On Top of the World.

Another Sunday ride. I wanted to show Gravelmad a little known lookout point on Outeniqua mountain. Just as we were about to leave one of Gravelmad's friends showed up, so he joined the ride!

Two 125's and a TransAlp.

The incredible view over the Southern Cape farmland:

Took some Trailriding to get there!

14 September 2014 - A Proper Trip for the Newcomers.

This was the first proper outride for Boats and Bossie, with lots of thrills and even a spill.

This ride will become a Ride Report. Watch this space...

20 September 2014 - Another Newcomer!

First run with this exquisite NC750X. All tar unfortunately as it's still being readied for Dual Sport. First change will be tyres!

This is an awesome lookout point in Hersham near Groot Brak, overlooking the island and lake.

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Unknown said...

Thanks ever so much for your blog. Was beggining to wonder if my choice for a 2012 Trans Alp was a wise one seeing that all mods and trips were only done by TA bikers whose bikes were the older shape that is lighter in weight compared to the new/current shape. I stumbled on your blog while looking for pannier frames and couldnt sleep last night just thinking of the endless possibilities as shown by you awaiting me. Wish you were closer to Lobatse Botwana as thats where i stay so I could join in the fun. Mack