Thursday, July 12, 2018

Honda CRF450RX

We recently unexpectedly got an unusual test vehicle - an Enduro bike!

Honda updated the successful CRF450X Moto-X bike to enable riders to carry the bike's success through to Enduros and Hare Scrambles.

Now, I'm hardly a racer, but I was not going to let a chance to ride this go by.

It is a tall bike and light - 118kg - with lots of horses under the tank. The throttle is pretty jumpy when you pull off, so slow riding through technical terrain might be a challenge, but this is a race bike. It wants to go fast! Pretty capable too. It makes flying over technical terrain so easy.

I took it over some gravel roads, loose stones and sand. The one thing I quickly realized is that I am definitely NOT fit enough to ride a bike like this. You manhandle the light bike over the rough terrain and the sand was the death of me.

So this is not a review as such, that I'll leave to the riders who know about racing, just wanted to share some pics!

OK, so pretty as these pics may be, the truth is this is not a bike for overweight middle-aged riders. So I handed it over to my 20-year old son.

This is what a bike like this is all about!!!

If you ever have the means or opportunity, take a bike like this for a ride. If you're not fit your body will be sore and you will have aches and pains, but you will smile through it all that I'll guarantee!

Specs and Pricing here.

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