Thursday, December 11, 2008

Attakwas pass day 2


We started at 9h00 next day riding 208km to Bonnidale in Attakwaskloof arriving there at 4 pm. Rooipoot led the way again taking us over the Duiwelhoks river and Oude Muragie farm across the N2 to continue on minor gravel roads along the foot of the Langeberg to Riversdale where we had brunch. I had an omelet and a beer; have had a beer for breakfast before but never an omelet and beer; it amused the waitress.

This is the Duiwelhoks. It was flooded during the winter deluge.

Looking downstream. It used to run through a tunnel of those big trees on both sides of the river but now only three survive from the flood.

After crossing the N2 and moving into the Langeberg foothills we could look out over the coastal plain we had just ridden across from Witsand.

We went through this farm. I enjoy old corrugated iron buildings like this.

Just outside the town is an old farmstead that has been restored; Zeekoegat. Rooipoot had written about it on Wild Dogs & shown photos of it while it was being restored and I had posted here a copy of a write up by Andre Pretorious about this farm: Rooipoot led us to the farm so we could have a look.

Partial view of the resurrected Zeekoegat farmstead.

The gable has a circle which is specific to the Swellendam region. The date is highly stylised 1795. This farm belonged to the first Muller to live in South Africa; it is their Heimat.

Just as we got to the Gouritz river Rooipoot stopped at this big old gum tree. It is important to him as he photographed his bike here on his first ride report (my memory is erratic so it may have had some other significance for him).

On to Herbetsdale, never been there before in fact I was not aware of a town by that name. Must be a real city boy but this DS thing is doing me a lot of good. Then through Cloete's pass which I was also unaware of which takes you over into the Little Karoo.

Cloetes pass.

Shortly thereafter you turn east onto the gravel road that takes you through Atakwas Kloof with Bonnidale where we camped the night after meeting up with the other 3 there.

This is immediately after turning onto the Attakwaskloof road. We are now in the Little Karoo with the end of the Langeberg to the south.


I have been through Attakwaskloof before, it is one of my favourite places. This is the view from the top of the hill in the previous picture.

Further on near Bonnidale. I think this is looking back the way we have come.

The campsite with my humble tent in the foreground. Trailrider, EtienneNXR & Operator.

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