Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Poser

According to the definition a Poser / Poseur is someone who pretends to be something they aren't. Conformists to an image. Posing is not just about looking the part, it's also important to be seen looking the part. With a poseur the look and experiences they relate are fake. They just do it to make themselves look and feel better. Insecurity (and money) plays a part in being a Poseur.

I felt like a "Poseur" riding this bike. I don't belong to a bike club. I don't usually wear leathers. I was dressing into an image I'm not. But I liked it!

I looked like a biker. The scruffy kind that ride their bikes from bar to bar, only shave once every so often and hit the road in any direction on a whim. A rider that's free. A guy that's happy as long as there's petrol in the tank.

I think the way a bike makes you feel is a big part of our love for these two wheeled machines. It's like the guy on a brand new and shiny Dual Sport bike riding to work on a Monday morning with his panniers and everything fitted. It makes him feel like he can hit the road and ride to Cairo if he wanted. He never will of course, but he "could". The sad part is, they never do.

I never commute with my duallie, when I get on it I usually go on a trip. So on that bike I don't feel like I "could". I do!

This Fury is different though. I liked it so much I started riding it everywhere - to work, to the shops, wherever - usually wearing the "leathers". You don't get used to the looks you get. Smiles, nods, admiration? This bike is the ultimate poser's bike. Every poor sod sitting in traffic in his dreary middle management car wishes he was you, riding free. And all the while it felt like I "could" hit Route 62 at any time and just keep going. But until I did I would remain a "poseur".

Imagine riding to work on a Monday morning and really doing it. Not caring, just going. Nothing but a credit card and maybe a toothbrush and a change of underwear.

Riding free.

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