Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CTX Transcontinental trip

I have had the pleasure of meeting Ron Crosby. He has been frequenting my blog while researching the Honda CTX200. He has subsequently bought a CTX in Cape Town and will use it to travel from Cape Town to Leeds in the UK along the West Coast of Africa. Once there he will turn around and travel back to Cape Town along the East coast of Africa. I am so jealous!

He's travelled from Cape Town to the Garden Route to test all his gear and ride some of the areas I've ridden. He has since ridden the Baviaanskloof, Attakwaskloof as well as Gamkaskloof (The Hell), as well as the various passes this area has to offer.

Well, enough from me. I will update this report with his e-mails and pictures as and when I receive them. Safe travels Ron! Best of luck.

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