Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sedgefield Trail Ride


We woke to a beautiful morning in the Garden Route this morning. Such a day can not be wasted!

A quick call to LGF established that he was also free for the day. Bargain! In a flash I was on my way to Sedgefield. The weapon of choice today:

Tok-tokkie's recent Sak Rivier report really inspired me. Trail riding and minimalistic touring is my first love. Expect to see a lot more of my trusty CTX in future.

LGF has a really nice house in Sedgefield. Check out the view from his deck!

He has this really cool route he's been wanting to show to me for ages. Today was the day.

En route we passed this interesting church:

And then the route started!

I absolutely LOVE these bush rides.

The road was mostly covered in pine needles, but underneath it was all sand. Very loose sand.

No matter how loose it got or how the road surface changed, it's all such a laugh on a small bike. Just point and shoot Like my friend Eisbein once said - when riding on a small bike it almost feels like you're cheating It's just so much easier than on a big bike!

Old Trusty:

Riding along we came upon this clearing with some Chestnut trees. In the middle of the plantaion. I wonder why it's here? I wonder who owns it? Would be lovely to camp here!

(Photo by LGF)

Some more scenery: Check in the background how high we are!

CTX and DRZ cruising together:

(Photos by LGF)

The roads eventually spat us out here: This is the spot where the N2 crosses the Goukamma river. Does it look familiar?

It should It's the turnoff to Buffalo Bay!

How can you not have a cold one here?

A weekend can hardly start better than this!


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