Sunday, March 28, 2010

Outriders DS Festival - Oudshoorn


It's that time of the year again, time for the Outrider's Dual Sport Festival. And this year it's basically in my back yard - Oudtshoorn. This was a group ride so this report will be more of a photo report.

Some of the Cape Town folk decided to ride to Mosselbay the day before and some of us in the Southern Cape decided to join them there for the "pre-party" so on the Friday afternoon we headed for Mosselbay.

Close to Hartenbos we saw a broken down GS and stopped to offer assistance.

Little did we know that they would end up assisting us! Gryph got a new tyre and the shop failed to tighten his back wheel properly. Despite this little hick-up we were in high spirits!

In Mosselbay all the suspects started creeping out of the woodwork. Berm Rooster on his Vespa:

Fatb and others

Some of the steeds waiting patiently:

Saturday morning we met even more bikers at the rendezvous point in Hartenbos.

And soon we were on our way! Today we head for Oudtshoorn the "Long Way Round" through Moordkuyl, Attakwaskloof, Rooiberg pass, Calitzdorp and finally Oudtshoorn. Usually Moordkuyl looks like this:

But unfortunately today it looked like this:
(Yeah, there's a drought in the area.)

Cassie taking it carefully:

Some in-ride footage:

At Diesel & Dust wet met up with GrysAlp and ChrisL. A nice and big group

The road to Bonniedale Adventure Farm:

Regroup at the farm. We were a nice and festive group, all enjoying ourselves

(Photo by Gryph)

Cassie decided that when he sells his 125 on day he wants one of these!

Some pictures of the ride through Attakwaskloof:

Gouritz river:

And another regroup:

The famous marbles in Attakwaskloof claimed another victim

(Photo by Gryph)

En Route to Van Wyk's Dorp:

Ascending Rooiberg Pass:

Berm_Rooster was not riding his Vespa today

As we were riding into Calitzdorp the trouble started. First Mr Python had a flat

...and then Bradleys broke a chain Luckily we weren't out in the sticks, but only about 2km out of town.

He did suffer the ultimate indignity of having his KTM towed into town by a BMW though

We made a quick stop at Queens for some refreshments and to watch the Bulls' rugby match:

Yeah. Bull's rugby in Western Province is not "beeg" Actually Mr Python had quite a tough day with the fall and everything. The others were very interested in what was happening in the game, well, two were.

With some temporary repairs made on the KTM we soon were on our way again, but taking it easy on the tar limping to Oudtshoorn. Well, Bradleys was limping, some of the others kept themselves amused riding behind him

After arriving in camp Bradleys (a medic) gave Mr Python a shot for the pain and then the party began in all earnest.

Some shots around camp:
(The less said the better. What happens on a ride stays on a ride )

(Photo by Drazil)

(Photo by Drazil)

(Photo by Piston Pete)

(Photo by Piston Pete)

The next morning Cassie awoke only to find his bike hanging in a tree

How am I going to get this down?

Last night everybody were in high spirits but this morning they were decidedly more lethargic

(Photo by Smidty)

Unfortunately I had other commitments on the Sunday so I had to leave early, taking Outeniqua Pass back to George:

Thanks guys Was great seeing all of you again



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