Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rietfontein Cave Recce Ride


My friend WaveRider knows about a cave in the Klein Karoo that's perfect for a quick getaway. He's taken some riders there before but I missed it, being on our Burchell Ride at the time.

He wants to do a second sleepover at the cave inviting more riders (I'll be helping with the organizing) so we decided to do a recce ride to the cave so that I can see what the venue is like (and what a venue it is! ). Joining WaveRider and I on today's trip would be Cassie and his friend Dirk on a KLX and NXR respectively.

The route we planned to follow would be approximately 280km without fuel so the ride started at the petrol station near Montagu Pass.

Asterix was also going with (riding pillion with me) taking the photographs.

(Photo by Cassie)

We chose an awesome day for this outride. Some pics on Montgu Pass:

Looking back towards George:

Some more pics of the ride - Cassie and Dirk, just outside Paardepoort:


Just past the Zebra turn-off:

Klein Karoo scenery:

Quick rest stop:

View along the Paardebond road:

(Photo by Cassie)

Finally we reached the farm and the smaller rougher roads to the cave. Not often that one gets the chance to ride on private land.

The cave in the distance:

Zoomed in a bit:

The trails leading to the cave has some interesting sections to say the least. As per usual you can't see the real incline on photo or video, but we took pictures non the less. A short steep descent:




(I also got some helmet cam footage on the way back)

And then the ride up the mountain started. Steep inclines, very little traction.

I was warned by several people beforehand that there's one particular section where the big bikes would have to be parked and we'd have to walk up the last bit. It's simply to steep and slippery to ride up.

This is a picture of that section from a previous ride:

Cassie and Dirk:

The TransAlp:

On top of the world. Honda gives you wings!

The bike is standing on the cave's roof in the picture above.

And the cave itself - this thing is HUGE! Perfect spot for a mini bash.

Lot's of Bushmen paintings around:

The view from the cave:

After a cold one we hit the road back as it was getting late. The road down:

...and back up that downhill we did earlier. Wave Rider riding up with Asterix and I follwing:

And riding home chasing our shadows.

A nice day's riding, perfect weather, great venue!

We're planning a gathering at the cave at the end of August. Numbers will be limited to around 20 people (maybe 30 at the most) so keep your eyes peeled for the details of that ride to be posted early August.

See you there!


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