Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CABC 2010


This will be two Ride Reports in one.

Way before the September long weekend started I was approached by some groups wanting to visit the Southern Cape for some route and accommodation suggestions. One of these groups wanted me to join them on their trip. At the same time the Cape Adventure Bike Challenge was being held in the Klein Karoo and I was also asked to cover this event for the local paper. So, I simply did both.

New Friends, "Newbie" Route

Cape Adventure Bike Challenge

The Ride Home

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Unknown said...

Hey Tr, Was that you and group I passed going to other way on the road to Uniondale on Tuesday morning? It was so dusty I could hardly see. I lost my way and ended up taking the Daskop road and then Montagu pass.
When I got to George I phoned but all I got was "I'm not available"

TR said...

Nope. We went through Attakwaskloof.