Saturday, November 27, 2010

Glentana Cave


Notice: If you are a regular Geocacher please be aware that this report contains spoilers.

My sons and I went to look for our first Geocache today. They were very exited about this "Treasure Hunt".

This Geocache is called Glentana Cave and it's not far from our new home. A cave also sounded exactly like something we'd like.

We stopped at the parking lot at Glentana Beach and headed off. The cache is beyond those heads in the distance:

It was slightly misty, but hot and humid.

My youngest inspecting something on the beach:


These rocks are in the water during high tide, so we had to time our walk to get past here during low tide.

Eventually we saw what we believed was the cave we were looking for:

This is not a small cave. Quite impressive actually.

The search begins...

Can you see it?

Our first find!!!

This cache contained the Summer Sand 'n 'Surf Travel Bug:

A Travel Bug is a registered trademark of Groundspeak, Inc. used to describe a dogtag used in Geocaching. It is moved from cache to cache, and its travels can be logged on the geocaching website ( Each travel bug tag is printed with a unique PIN, which is needed to post a log online. Some tags are fastened to an object (like this small sandal) before they are put in a cache.

This Travel Bug started it's travels on the South Island of New Zealand and it has travelled 14368.8km so far! See a map of it's travels here.

We took nothing and left nothing, only signed the logbook. We'll start swapping and moving stuff as soon as we're comfortable with all the rules and etiquette attached to Geocaching.

The view from the cave:

Some more beach scenery:

We'll come and harvest some of these sometime...

The road back:

The water was clear and clean and not cold at all.

What a lovely walk, what a great find. This was great for a first find. Had it not been for Geocaching I would never have known of this spot or this cave. Nice wholesome family time and healthy too. If this hobby can get me walking more it can only be a good thing.

May this find be the first of many.


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