Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Together


We travel from different directions to our rendezvous point “Neverbetter”, a biker's pub in Calitzdorp. I was the first to arrive:

This is a new bike themed pub that my dad and I liked very much!

Even the bar stools are bikes! How cool is that?

Barman, Cream Soda float please!

Soon my friends arrived and we kept busy while The Help unloaded the bikes and got everything ready.

And soon enough we were on our way!

We tackle the gravel from Calitzdorp, past the Calitzdorp dam, direction Swartberg Pass.

Beesblasie enjoying the scenery:

It was HOT. Extremely hot! We thought we'd cool down as soon as we were moving but the air itself was so hot that we had to make a plan, so at the very first river crossing we stopped to drench our clothes.

That worked – for a while.

Some more scenery en route:

A Klein Karoo traffic jam:

Beesblasie and Chauffeur:

Lucy and Jon-Jon having the time of their lives:

ROV-Rat “running block”

We (my dad and I) were also enjoying the ride, sometimes riding at the back and sometimes in front, getting enough photos for my first Ride Report.

The rest of the group arriving. Swartberg Pass would be next!


1 comment:

Fuzzygalore said...

EXCELLENT job on your first ride report! I read this blog often and I must say this entry has been one of my favorites :)

BUT!! I do have one problem with it. It has made me tremendously jealous!

Keep up the great work. Hope to see more of your posts and photos.

Cheers from snowy New York!