Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moordenaars Kloof

(Murderer's ravine)

On 16 January 2010 there was a thread posted on the WD Forum on The Curse of Prinsloo’s Kloof…  

Back then Watty and Leftless raced to locate Moordenaars Kloof and eventually found it hidden from view in the Gamtoos River Valley in South Africa's Eastern Cape, on the Southern side (outside) Baviaans.

This little kloof, lying in the darkest corner of the ravine, has long been whispered about as a place of evil, with many spirits that have never been laid to rest. Similar to "The Hell" (Gamkaskloof) it has a single road leading in and out. It is told that in the days of ox wagons there was a certain gate that the children were to afraid to open at night, for fear of being stormed by the ghost of a headless dog... Another story tells of a ghost at a certain Yellowwood tree... This too has been seen and reported by several people. And yet these stories pale in comparison of the other things going on there...

Apparently in years gone by a very bad man, a Mr Prinsloo, had a horse farm here. An evil man that beat and even murdered his servants and farmhands. In the end something had to give... What followed was an event so terrible that the restless souls involved manifest themselves reenacting the event every year on the 15th of January, to this day...

As luck would have it, this year the 15th of January fell on a Saturday…

Will we be the first to photograph the event and not turn in to a stone pillar after seeing the ghost of Mr Prinsloo (like two previous ghost hunters)? Nor die of a heart attack like another? Will we survive the night in the most haunted site in SA?

Keep in mind that Jan Prinsloo did exist. He did have a horse farm here and he was brutally murdered. These are all facts. The farm has been sold and resold - this is fact also. Despite the fact that the surrounding area is excellent farming land and should be highly prized, it has been left alone by everyone as no one wished to live on land with such an uneasy history.

I can confirm that if you were to stumble onto the farm Jammerfontein nowadays, all you will find is the foundations of where the farm house used to be. No-one lives there to this day...

I start this report with The Gruesome Legend of Jan Prinsloo's Kloof and for the South African readers I end it with an Afrikaans article about Moordenaars kloof that appeared in the South African paper "Die Burger".

So, draw closer and make sure you have a blanket to hide under, for the story is about to begin....

The Gruesome Legend of Jan Prinsloo's Kloof

The Gathering

Moordenaars Kloof

The Escape

The Beauty of Kouga

Video Report

Spoke, stories, swaarkry én Kouga se klowe



Anonymous said...

Hey TR, nice one.

What helmet is that you are wearing? Where did you get it?
Must say the TA is looking grand.


TR said...

Hi Droffarc

It's an Airoh Tyger. This model was replaced by the Airoh S4.