Saturday, February 19, 2011

C4 eva


When I first started looking into this Geocaching thing I learned that there's a Geocache a mere 500m from my home!

I looked for it for 20 minutes and found nothing. I felt pretty stupid let me tell you. Not a good start to the hobby.

I have since learned a lot more about Geocaching and also found out that that specific cache got stolen, so it wasn't that I could not find it, it wasn't there.

I had the specific cache on my watchlist and soon it started popping up again as it was replaced. Now this cache is nothing special, but since it's the first one I looked for this was unfinished business. Kermit and I set out to look for it:

Easy find. Kermit spotted it first:

People that's been here before:

I guess the idea of this cache is to get people to stop and admire the view.

C4 eva:


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