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SA DS TROPHY 2011 (18-21 March 2011)


Event Overview:

This is a new and unique event by bikers for bikers, where each Dual Sport Rider can come and pit his skills against other riders regardless of bike brand or experience level.

The South African Dual Sport Trophy is not a race. It's about real world Dual Sport Riding. It's about great routes, historic passes, fantastic scenery and camaraderie shared. It's about doing what we love - Dual Sport Riding.

The South African Dual Sport Trophy is a team event. Teams of two riders will pit their skills against other teams and literally any team can win. It's the best all rounded team, NOT the fastest team, that will excel in this event.

Scoring will be evenly weighted between several categories including, navigation, observation, special tasks, problem solving, skills, bike preparation and bonus points. The idea is that Adventure Riders get tested in real world Adventure Riding skills and situations on a real Adventure Ride.

Entries to the 2011 South African Dual Sport Trophy will be limited so don't waste any time before entering. Identify a teammate and be part of the first ever South African Dual Sport Trophy, an event destined to become the biggest independent Trophy event on the South African Dual Sport Calender.

Event FAQ:

Where will the event take place?

The first annual South African Dual Sport Trophy will be held in the Western Cape. The exact locations are a secret. There will be three departure points:

- Cape Town
- George
- Kimberly

Teams will be handed a envelope with waypoints and you will in the end determine how you get to the location of the first night.

What accommodation will we use?

This will be a camping event and you will be carrying your own tent. You will treat this like any other adventure ride you and a buddy might do, only difference being that you do not have to carry any food.

What does it cost?

R1740 per rider / R3480 per team

What do I get for my money?

Everything but booze and fuel.

   1. T-shirt
   2. Event patch
   3. All meals at the event
   4. Entry for all entertainment and festivities
   5. Entry to all the activities, events and prizes

The entry covers all accommodation for 3 nights in three great locations, good breakfast (bacon / eggs / toast etc.), lunch on the road each day (whether it be a burger at an establishment or a food parcel for the day) as well as dinner (huge braai with everything).

What can I win?

Final prizes are still to be confirmed, but the first prize will be a cash prize of no less than R10 000 (could be more). The winning team will also get a trophy to keep. In other words it's not a floating trophy, it's yours for ever and ever and ever. Cheesy On top of this there will be LOTS of lucky draw prizes including Helmets, Leatt Brace, etc as well as cash prizes (R1000+).

Can I name my Team?

Yes! That is the idea. Teams choose their own names and it can be named after your business / brand / whatever. So it can be Team Pietie & Jannie / Team Hamman BMW / Team SW Motech / Team Bikesure / Team whatever. Remember this will be a national event with media coverage. We already have a Team Harley-Davidson signed up so that name is taken.

That's great, but I am a newish rider. I can never win.

Not true. There are several areas you are scored upon and it will be the best all rounded team, not the fastest or most skillful team, that will win this event. And of course anyone can win one of the many lucky draw prizes.

How bad will the roads be?

Not bad. There are more than enough "break-your-bike" hardcore events out there already. Routes will be routes that your average run-of-the-mill adventure rider will take. No worse than say Swartberg Pass for instance. Also, you will determine the roads you take most of the time.

How far will we ride?

1000km + over the duration of the event.

I don't have a big bike. Does that disqualify me?

That depends on you. If you don't mind doing longer distances on your bike then that's fine. Routes are unlikely to be more than 500km a day. That said, you don't know where in the Western Cape the event ends so if you have to ride back to Gauteng the next day that might pose a problem. Only licensed bikes can enter.

Do we stay in the same location for the duration?

No. This is a roaming event. We sleep in a different location every night 100's of kilometers from the previous location.

I don't like riding in big groups.

Perfect. This is a ride for you and your buddy same as you would do otherwise, but with prizes. Cheesy
Teams of two will depart 5 minutes apart.

Will I be on TV?

Maybe... Wink

Is this a branded event?

No. Even though various (hopefully all) bike manufacturers will be involved no bike brand is or can be the main sponsor. This is and will always be an independent event where all brands will be welcome!

Who is organizing this?

Horsepower (of CABC fame) and Trailrider, in conjunction with Country Trax and Jan Staal. This will be a annual national event that will move between the provinces and possibly into neighboring countries in the future. We will be working with media partners so be on the lookout for articles and ads of the event in the near future.

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