Sunday, January 27, 2013

After the Moon...

Early the next morning (some of Dusty's pics):

We all got up one by one. All except LGF who slept like a log. Some pics:

The Breakfast of Kings.

There was no hurry. We made a fire, leisurely packed our stuff and still LGF slept.

When he eventually woke up we all had chirps about how it was almost afternoon already. He asked Dusty what the time was and she said 10:30! (It was nowhere near that). In an amazing coincidence LGF's watch stopped during the night and he fully believed what she said.

There were numerous comments about what the time was and when we had to leave, but the fire was going and no-one was in a hurry. The previous night we fiddled with my helmet cam's SD card in LGF's phone, and somehow the time on that was now wrong too. When he set the time again to the "right" time we told him about, the phone asked if he moved between time zones. He set it anyway, still blissfully unaware that we were lying.

Eventually we left at 12:15. (Actually it was just before 10!)

The ride out:

A portion of Oudekloof Pass:

LGF styling it:

And I got my pic!

Some more pics on the road:

Back in Prins Albert we stopped for refreshments. It was here LGF realized that something was amiss... Shame. After lots of laughter and taunting we put him out of his misery. And he set his time, again. He scored though. All of a sudden, his day had two extra hours! Bonus! Now he could be "Rustig" also.

I was keen to ride over Swartberg pass on the way back, but I was outvoted 4 to 1. So Meiringspoort it was.

And of course another stop at Herrie-se-plek in De Rust. It was HOT!
LGF just checking the time again...  (Check Smidty and Dusty laughing in the background) 

And the last section home - all gravel - including the part we missed out on yesterday. Some pics in Paarde Poort:

Another mirror shot:

Smidty approaching:

And finally Montagu Pass. It has become customary to end the ride here. Somehow it just seems right, and much better than at a garage or Wimpy or something. A last chat, a last laugh, a last time check.

We said our goodbyes and headed home.

Some pics on the way down:

And after the heat of the last two days the cool ocean air was a welcome sensation as I approached Glentana.

I sat reflecting on the ride afterward. This is such an awesome area with a myriad of routes to ride. But what makes it exceptional are the people you share it with. Thanks guys. One of those we'll remember.

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Kiwiscoot said...

Enjoyed your ride write-up. I grew up in George, but live on the South Island of New Zealand now. Google Kiwiscoot - that's me&my rides. I would like to touch base sometime about coming over & riding some of your haunts.