Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A New Era Dawns

And so it happened. Time for a new bike for Asterix - street legal this time!

He had no idea it was coming. He didn't even wait for it to be unloaded before he got on!

I remember his first ride well.

I blinked, and then this happened:

In almost a decade of riding together...

...things change and evolve. Now with the street legal bieks a whole new world opened up and we could ride everywhere together.

A shakedown ride was in order. And why not to Attakwas Kloof, a repeat of the ride that started it all. A rebirth of a new era.

As it happened I had the new BMW F800 GSA on test, so the ride also presented a perfect opportunity to put this bike through it's paces.

Like the first ride our route took us past the Botlierskop Game Farm. Some wildlife shots:

No great report attached to this ride, just lots of scenery pictures to tell the story.


And now:

And the ride through Attakwas Kloof. Always a favourite!

This route is famous for it's marbles, a special treat on an unfamiliar, tall and heavy bike clad with road tyres. But I managed. Just stand up, look up and open up!

These are real rural back roads. No other traffic. Just you, your bike and the African landscapes.

A quick picture next to one of the last ruins where the town Woeska used to be. Sadly these are not protected and in a worse state every time I pass here.

Some pics for the BMW fans:

And the rest of Attakwas Kloof:

The Kloof road joins the R327 just North of the Langeberg Mountain Range in the Klein Karoo. From here we turn South and ride over Cloetes Pass towards the ocean. Asterix disappeared around the corner already.

Looking back North into the Klein Karoo:

This old Fort used to guard the pass during the Anglo-Boer War.

Some greenery on the Southern side of the mountain:

And the ride home:

And with that the era of the little boy Asterix riding with his big dad Obelix ended. From here on in it will be the adventures of Trailrider and Gravelmad.

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