Tuesday, May 22, 2018

SA Media Launch: KTM 790 Duke, Kyalami

This is not a ride report as such, just an amazing experience I wanted to share. 

KTM South Africa recently launched the KTM 790 Duke to the local motoring media. But this launch had a twist... It was held on the Kyalami Race Circuit - at night!

Now I have been on this race track many times before. In cars, on bikes, even in a Toyota Hilux once! But never before had I ridden on a track at night. The anticipation and excitement was off the charts. When was the last time you did something for the first time? It's something one should do often. Experiences broaden the horizons. And that butterfly feeling in the stomach is hard to beat.

But first - the business session. KTM went to great lengths with the branding, planning & catering. It was a very well organized event.

So after the business session and reveal it was time to hit the track!

There were several photographers to document the event and all these photos as courtesy of ZC Marketing Consulting.

They even caught me on track:

The big thing though was the experience. You head out and as it's a race track it does not have street lights. They had put up some lights at some of the apexes, but for the most part you are riding in the dark - FAST!

The KTM headlights do a pretty decent job of illuminating the track, but when you brake for the corner the light dips and you have to commit and turn into darkness!

I had my helmet cam with me, to I'd like to invite you to ride with on one of my first laps out. 

Some of the riders were really unsure at first and slowed right down. I had an advantage over some in that I know this track pretty well. On the 3rd last turn there was a slow rider that kept to the side, but it threw me right off the line for 2nd last corner (you can see me shaking my head). With the momentum lost and some fast riders behind me I had to stay on the inside so as to not turn in front of them. They come past on the checkered straight and you can see how fast these awesome machines are.

It was an experience I'll never forget and I can't wait to experience this gem of a parallel twin engine in the 790 Adventure. I'll keep you posted!

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