Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 1 - Green Point to George - 553 km


I was invited by Trailrider to do the Burchell’s route in the Southern Cape. This is a report on that trip plus getting there and back. I used my little TW200 but did over 500km on three days & they were not simply tar road slogs.

Setting off from home. The little yellow box is for my camera.

Going towards Franschhoek I passed this gorgeous old Moto Guzzi. I particularly like Moto Guzzis. This was a single cylinder with big outside flywheel, something like this 1956 500cc Falcone but I think there was also a 350cc Guzzi.

Over the pass then came to this:

I then stuffed up my camera. I believe I pressed the on button while putting it back in the yellow waterproof box. The lens could not extend & some circuit board has been damaged. So I have no other photos to show for the day. Actually there was a huge rainstorm between me & George but I chose to cross into the Little Karoo through Gysmanshoek and use the lovely Attakwas route to get to George – just by luck as I did not know about the rain.

Gysmans I have ridden a few times before and I like it as it goes through nice countryside – though it is a simple little pass. This picture is from an earlier trip.

I have also been through Attakwas a few times but it is another place I really like. Another photo from an earlier trip.

I was a bit late arriving at Trailrider's place. Supper and bed there. Very many thanks Johan & Elizia.


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