Sunday, December 14, 2008

Southern Cape Trail Ride

I just got back from on of the best rides of my life!

We have just spent 4 days crossing mountains, riding through the most beautiful scenery and conquering some of the toughest territory the Southern Cape has to offer. It was tough. It was great! And I am knackered…

We were a great group that got along so well. We cemented friendships and I want to thank you guys for your great company. It was a honour and absolute pleasure riding with you. We will do this again.

The full report of our ride will unfold over the next couple of days, but before I give my tired body a well deserved rest I leave you with this appetizer…

We were 6 riders all on different small bikes:

Myself on the trusty Honda CTX200

Rooipoot – Suzuki DR200

EttienneNXR – Honda NXR125

Letsgofishing – Suzuki DRZ400

Operator – Suzuki 250 XC Djebel

Tok-tokkie – Yamaha TW200

And joining us on Day 3:

Asterix – Honda CRF70

We crossed rivers, mountains and marshes, we rode over mud, sand and stones. We slept under the stars.

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Letsgofishing's Ride Report:

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EttienneNXR's Ride Report:

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