Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Roam Free

I was in the mood for a ride. Not a planned ride, just a ride. A “Roam Free” ride. I pitched the idea to some friends and three of them bit! It would be Rovrat from Hermanus, Bakkie and amaSakkie from PE and myself from George. The group was perfect - big enough and yet small enough. We had a nice mix of bikes too!

I like mixed rides like these.

We’d meet on Friday evening at the mythical Toorwater, a place I’ve wanted to see for a while now. Where to from there? Who knows. The only instructions were (1) bring a tent, (2) bring money, (3) make sure you can be self sufficient.

Would it be the start of an adventure of note? Well... there were laughter (lots), danger , more laughter, singing more laughter, eating (lots!), drinking (only a sip here and there ) police , dancing medics lots of pics, some video and in the end more laughter.

But lets start at the very beginning…


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