Monday, January 31, 2011

Kermit and Friends – A weekend in Hell


A free weekend. That is what I was presented with. And it turned out to be a “Hell” of a weekend!

But first things first. Let me introduce myself - I am Kermit. I am 10 years old and this is the first time I'll be telling my story on my dad's blog.

Why Kermit you may ask? Well, I have an Afrikaans nickname: “Paddaman”. But since this story will be told in English I needed an English alternative and the direct translation - “Frogman” - just doesn't seem quite right. So Kermit it shall be.

Back to the weekend. My mom and brother (Asterix) were out of town on a karate camp. This meant that I could rule the roost for a change. As they say: when the cat's away...

It wasn't long before a bike trip was on the cards. This weekend some friends and I would be heading to Gamkaskloof, or “The Hell”, a place my dad has often spoken about. It would be myself and my friends Jon-Jon, Lucy and Beesblasie (the youngest in the group).

Plans were made, excitement was of the charts! Until we realized we had some logistical problems. Bike trips cost money. Also, we were four friends, but with only two bikes between us. On top of that the other three live in Hermanus and the motorcycles would have to be transported the to a gravel road closer to the venue. We needed some help. We needed someone who:

  • would transport our bikes.
  • transport our luggage.
  • organise permissions.
  • run block / smooth over “the fuzz” should we attract some unwanted attention.
  • be chauffeurs / cooks / route guides / photographers / general help.
  • do everything for free.
  • pay for the whole trip!

That was a very tall order, but amazingly enough we found not only one, but three people willing to help!


The Gang – geared up and ready to go!

Kermit; Beesblasie; Lucy; Jon-Jon

The Help:

Dual; Trailrider; ROV-Rat

We had all the ingredients for a great trip!


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